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Job Postings 2020-01-21T11:07:21-05:00

These jobs leads are for Greater Lowell and surrounding communities. To find more information on these jobs, please click on the link to go to Mass JobQuest.  Updated: 1/21/2020,  157 Jobs

Job Title Location Type JobQuest # JobQuest Link
Administative Assistant Lawrence, MA Part-Time 13064461 View Job
Administrative Assistant/ Receptionist Hudson, NH Full-Time 12868400 View Job
Administrative Assistant Wilmington, MA Full-Time 13010174 View Job
Application and Field Service Engineer Woburn, MA Full-Time 13010090 View Job
Architectural Designer Woburn, MA Full-Time 13016486 View Job
Assembler C – 2nd & 3rd Shifts Andover, MA Full-Time 12963999 View Job
Assembly – Mechanical Assembler Westford, MA Full-Time 12825838 View Job
Audiovisual Rack Builder – will train Wilmington, MA Full-Time 12879816 View Job
Bartender Reading, MA Full-Time 13064202 View Job
Bartender Burlington, MA Full-Time 13064203 View Job
Behavior Technician – will train Lowell, MA Part-Time 13016511 View Job
Branch Manager Haverhill, MA Full-Time 12986904 View Job
Building Maintenance Technician Groton, MA Part-Time 13046489 View Job
Building Maintenance Technician Townsend, MA Full-Time 13046490 View Job
Caregivers and CNA, HHA Lowell, MA Part-Time 12844007 View Job
CDL Drivers/Operators Woburn, MA Part-Time 13022094 View Job
CDL Drivers/Operators Woburn, MA Full-Time 13022095 View Job
Census Taker- Enumerator Lowell, MA Part-Time 12408187 View Job
City Carrier Assistant 1 Woburn, MA Full-Time 12709708 View Job
Client Service Specialist Ayer, MA Full-Time 13032588 View Job
CNA / HHA 02148, MA Full-Time 13012754 View Job
CNA Certified Nursing Assistant North Billerica, MA Full-Time 12830790 View Job
CNA Woburn, MA Part-Time 12844169 View Job
CNAs and RNs Bedford, MA Full-Time 12457951 View Job
CNC Machinist Hudson, NH Full-Time 12894359 View Job
CNC Set up Operator Lowell, MA Full-Time 13115105 View Job
CNC Water Jet Operator Billerica, MA Full-Time 12853556 View Job
Cold Station Cook Burlington, MA Full-Time 13064207 View Job
Collections Specialists North Andover, MA Full-Time 12879774 View Job
Commissary Truck Driver Salem, NH Full-Time 12971408 View Job
Contract Mechanical Engineer OptoMechani Billerica, MA Full-Time 13098468 View Job
Control Panel Technician Devens, MA Full-Time 12875258 View Job
Custodian Woburn, MA Full-Time 12951358 View Job
Customer Service Representative Lowell, MA Full-Time 12812979 View Job
Customer Service Representative Burlington, MA Full-Time 13010164 View Job
Customer Service Representative Woburn, MA Full-Time 13010170 View Job
Customer Service Representatve Lawrence, MA Full-Time 12724176 View Job
Deep Clean Technician – swing shift Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 13046733 View Job
Delivery Driver Lexington, MA Full-Time 13098777 View Job
Direct Support Professionals Haverhill, MA Full-Time 12897109 View Job
Dishwasher/Cleaner Burlington, MA Part-Time 13010008 View Job
Dishwasher Reading, MA Full-Time 13010137 View Job
Dishwasher Burlington, MA Full-Time 13064208 View Job
Electro Mechanic Ayer, MA Full-Time 13032590 View Job
Embryology Lab Supervisor Wilmington, MA Part-Time 13099187 View Job
Entry Level CNC Operator Hudson, NH Full-Time 12894346 View Job
Entry level customer service Lowell, MA Full-Time 12813031 View Job
Entry Level Packer Hudson, NH Full-Time 12894335 View Job
Event Specialist Wilmington, MA Part-Time 13099080 View Job
Experienced Carpenter Woburn, MA Full-Time 12951362 View Job
Experienced Grounds Worker Woburn, MA Full-Time 12951360 View Job
Experienced HVAC Technician Woburn, MA Full-Time 12951363 View Job
Farm Labor and workers; crop Ayer, MA Full-Time 12978398 View Job
Farm workers and laborers; Crop townsend, MA Full-Time 12974799 View Job
Farm workers and laborers; Crop groton, MA Full-Time 12990007 View Job
Farm workers and laborers; Crop stow, MA Full-Time 13021843 View Job
Farm workers and laborers; Crop townsend, MA Full-Time 13021899 View Job
Farm workers and laborers; Crop bolton, MA Full-Time 13021920 View Job
Farm workers and laborers; Crop Methuen, MA Full-Time 13098627 View Job
Farm workers and Laborers Littleton, MA Full-Time 12897165 View Job
Farm workers and Laborers Littleton, MA Full-Time 13035606 View Job
Field Representative Leominster, MA Part-Time 12879493 View Job
Finance/ Bookkeeping Assistant Woburn, MA Part-Time 12986969 View Job
Financial & Accounting positions North Andover, MA Full-Time 12871257 View Job
Food Service Worker (FT) Burlington, MA Full-Time 13010006 View Job
Food Service Worker (PT) Burlington, MA Part-Time 13010007 View Job
Ayer, MA Full-Time 13115121 View Job
Forklift Operator 2nd and 3rd Shifts Devens, MA Full-Time 13068250 View Job
Furniture Installer – Full Time Wilmington, MA Full-Time 12879809 View Job
General Laborer Woburn, MA Full-Time 12951361 View Job
Home Health Aides, CNAs Andover, MA Full-Time 13016635 View Job
Homemaker helping elders Woburn, MA Full-Time 13012751 View Job
Host Reading, MA Full-Time 13010139 View Job
HVAC Mechanical Engineer Project Manager Woburn, MA Full-Time 13016487 View Job
Industrial Painter Devens, MA Full-Time 12875241 View Job
Industrial Wet Painter – 2nd shift Hudson, NH Full-Time 12894320 View Job
Instrumentation Engineer Billerica, MA Full-Time 13098471 View Job
Ironer Lawrence, MA Full-Time 12868310 View Job
Job Fair – Manufacturing Positions Haverhill, MA Full-Time 13064170 View Job
Job Fair – Manufacturing Positions Lawrence, MA Full-Time 13068240 View Job
Job Fair- Mulitple Positions Lawrence, MA Full-Time 13036030 View Job
Job Fair-Multiple Positions Andover, MA Full-Time 13093985 View Job
Kilo Lab Chemist Devens, MA Full-Time 13016603 View Job
Lab Technician 1 Wilmington, MA Part-Time 13099172 View Job
Laborer, Landscape WILMINGTON, MA Full-Time 13046574 View Job
Laborer, Landscape WILMINGTON, MA Full-Time 13046575 View Job
Laborer Middleton, MA Full-Time 13094308 View Job
Landscape Laborer Woburn, MA Full-Time 13101890 View Job
Line Cook Reading, MA Full-Time 13010141 View Job
Loom Fixer Lowell, MA Full-Time 13041507 View Job
LPN -Licensed Professional Nurses – LPNs Bedford, MA Full-Time 12868314 View Job
Mail Room/Copy Center Clerk Wilmington, MA Part-Time 13099114 View Job
Maintenance Specialist Devens, MA Full-Time 13068252 View Job
Manager Trainee/Sales Agent Leominster, MA Full-Time 13068532 View Job
Manager, Genetic Testing Services, GEMS Wilmington, MA Part-Time 13099120 View Job
MassHire MVCC Job Fair Haverhill, MA Full-Time 12971412 View Job
Medical Device/Cleanrrom Assembler Devens, MA Full-Time 12875246 View Job
Multiple positions- Job Fair Lawrence, MA Full-Time 12975007 View Job
Multiple positions- Job Fair Andover, MA Full-Time 13101780 View Job
Multiple positions- Job Fair Lawrence, MA Full-Time 13101784 View Job
Multiple positions- Job Fair Andover, MA Full-Time 13101860 View Job
Multiple positions- Recruitment Event Lawrence, MA Full-Time 12897403 View Job
Multiple positions- Recruitment Event Andover, MA Full-Time 13032713 View Job
Multiple Positions/Job Fair Marlborough, MA Full-Time 13102081 View Job
Office Coordinator Lowell, MA Full-Time 12894228 View Job
Office Coordinator Lowell, MA Full-Time 12951578 View Job
Operational Supervisor Burlington, MA Full-Time 12940157 View Job
Operations Manager Burlington, MA Full-Time 12940158 View Job
Operations Manager North Reading, MA Full-Time 13049985 View Job
Ops Mgr – Global Talent Management Wilmington, MA Part-Time 13099104 View Job
Packer entry level Westford, MA Full-Time 12825870 View Job
Pharmacy Technician Burlington, MA Part-Time 13041397 View Job
Pharmacy Technician Winchester, MA Full-Time 13049973 View Job
Pharmacy Technician Wilmington, MA Part-Time 13050041 View Job
Pool Cleaner Woburn, MA Full-Time 13068631 View Job
Quality Assurance Specialist 2 Auditor Wilmington, MA Part-Time 13099117 View Job
Quality Control Associate Woburn, MA Full-Time 13094054 View Job
Quality Control Associate Wilmington, MA Full-Time 13098744 View Job
Quality Control Inspector Devens, MA Full-Time 12875235 View Job
Quality Control Mechanical Inspector Devens, MA Full-Time 12875250 View Job
Receptionist Woburn, MA Full-Time 13032743 View Job
Research Associate Billerica, MA Full-Time 13098466 View Job
Retail Inventory Associate Burlington, MA Part-Time 12978380 View Job
Revenue Cycle Specialist Ayer, MA Full-Time 13032592 View Job
Route Sales Representative Lawrence, MA Full-Time 12774250 View Job
Route Sales Support Lawrence, MA Full-Time 12774251 View Job
Sanitation Lead Devens, MA Full-Time 12974613 View Job
Sanitation Supervisor Ayer, MA Full-Time 12993939 View Job
Scale House Operator Dracut, MA Full-Time 13049909 View Job
Security Officer Wilmington, MA Part-Time 13099082 View Job
Security Officers with Customer Service Wilmington, MA Full-Time 12987093 View Job
Segmental Paver Haverhill, MA Full-Time 13050103 View Job
Senior Accountant Wilmington, MA Part-Time 13099070 View Job
Server Assistant Burlington, MA Full-Time 13064220 View Job
Shift Supervisor Trainee Burlington, MA Full-Time 13041400 View Job
Shift Supervisor Trainee Wilmington, MA Full-Time 13050044 View Job
Sort/Shipping Lawrence, MA Full-Time 12696079 View Job
Specialist Graphic Arts Wilmington, MA Part-Time 13099075 View Job
Sr Associate – Tax Accounting Wilmington, MA Part-Time 13099111 View Job
Sr Mgr – Global Talent Management Wilmington, MA Part-Time 13099106 View Job
Sr Project Manager/Sr Consultant Burlington, MA Full-Time 13010201 View Job
Sr. Lead Executive Assistant Wilmington, MA Part-Time 13099061 View Job
Sr. Regional Sales Manager, NA Wilmington, MA Part-Time 13099180 View Job
Staff Accountant Devens, MA Full-Time 12875237 View Job
Store Associate Wilmington, MA Part-Time 13050047 View Job
Store Team Member Reading, MA Part-Time 12868637 View Job
Tax Accountant Burlington, MA Full-Time 13010176 View Job
Teller Part Time Haverhill, MA Part-Time 12986932 View Job
Universal Associate- Float Haverhill, MA Full-Time 12850739 View Job
Universal Associate Haverhill, MA Full-Time 12986902 View Job
Van Drivers Lowell, MA Part-Time 13012721 View Job
Warehouse Associate – Full Time Wilmington, MA Full-Time 12879807 View Job
Warehouse Associate Devens, MA Full-Time 12875222 View Job
Warehouse Selector Andover, MA Full-Time 13041782 View Job
Warehouse Worker – Material Handler 2nd Devens, MA Full-Time 13068253 View Job
Weatherization Tech/Insulation Insntall Bradford, MA Full-Time 12987097 View Job
Will train> Homemaker / HHA / CNA Lowell, MA Part-Time 12879496 View Job View Job