Guest Speaker: Ai 101: Job Searching and Networking, June 26


Wednesday, June 26 at 2:00 PM

Want to ease into AI and make it your job search superpower? Join Marti Konstant, a workplace futurist, for an AI workshop featuring the free tool Perplexity. Marti integrates AI into everyday tasks and will introduce and help you learn practical uses of AI in your job search. Topics include research and writing that will help you uncover opportunities, elevate your skills, and network in a way that is less overwhelming.

Job seeker feedback:

“I loved the practical prompts and examples she provided that I will 100% use when I’m searching and applying for new jobs. I feel less overwhelmed about job search now.”

Hannah Morgan’s review in her Summary Sunday:

“Step-by-step post on how to tap into the power of AI to find people to network with and craft a draft of an outreach message. These are two of the hardest parts of job search for many job seekers! Plus a recommended tool to search the internet in real-time.”

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