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Have you wondered why you aren’t getting interviews? What you can do better to increase your chances. Most likely it has to do with lack of preparation. We’re not talking about simply reading the job description–although that’s a start–or visiting the company’s website–that’s important too. Preparing to land an interview will take some serious research. This is the start. You’ll have to know more about the position and company than other candidates. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to be a detective.

  • We’ll address developing your target company list
  • Use LinkedIn’s Company feature to find who to connect with people at your desired companies
  • Write a cold invite or better yet one with a reference
  • Learn what an approach letter is how it can be a secret weapon
  • Ask for informational meetings
  • Know what types of interviews you’ll be having
  • Doing the research others aren’t

This webinar is all about being better prepared than the competition. This is the secret sauce.



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