Career Center Staff

Career Center Staff 2024-02-21T15:05:59-05:00

Shannon Norton-Calles
Executive Director


Gabriela Boscaja
Assistant Director

Alexiana Collado
Career Advisor (WIOA)

Amy Veillette, CPRW
Assistant Manager

Angelica Perez
Career Advisor (Move to Work)

Barbara Avery
Employment Counselor (DCS)

Bob McIntosh, CPRW
Workshop Facilitator/Career Advisor (WIOA)

Brenda Teles, CPRW
Resource Room Navigator

Caitlyn Gullage
UpSkill Navigator (FutureSkills)

Cathy Byrnes
Career Center Manager (DCS)

Dan Boland
Veterans Rep (DCS)

Daphne Nichols, CPRW
Senior Career Advisor

Dragos Dobrutchi
IT Manager

Ellen Waszak, CPRW
Disability Navigator

Emmanuel Senat
Immigrant Program Liaison

Gary Richards
Staff Accountant

Glenna Gaillardetz
ARPA Program Manager

Janet Laurencelle
Administrative Asssitant

Janet O’Brien, CPRW
Assistant Manager (CIES)

Jim Foley
Digital Media/Workshop Facilitator

Karrilee Rogers
Career Advisor (P2E)

Kathleen Dupont, CPRW

Keilani Keo
Career Advisor (CIES)

Lauren Janowicz
Financial Assistant

Leah Bettencourt
Career Advisor

LeeLee Kao
Career Advisor

Madeline Colon-Rivera, CPRW
Career Advisor (JobsPLus)

Manuela Estrada
Career Advisor (CIES)

Maria Morrissette
Employment Counselor (DCS)

Mike Durkin
Budget Analyst

Ohana Patterson
Senior Career Advisor

Nancy Gagnon, CWDP
Career Center Manager

Nathalie Amador
Career Advisor (CIES)

Nicholas Campbell
ARPA Computer Instructor

Rena (Marianne) Segool
Employment Counselor (DCS)

Sarim Proeung
Career Advisor (WIOA/P2E)

Sivkheng Sar
Employment Counselor (DCS)

Shaun McCarthy
Manager for Business Services

Thavrith Thao
Business Services Representative

Tim Hovey
Business Services Representative

Tim O’Connor, CPRW
Manager for Tech & QA

Will Ren
Market Maker Manager

Zaris Huerta
Career Advisor

ARPA – American Rescue Plan

CPRW – Certified Professional Resume Writer

CWDP – Certified Workforce Development Professional

Future Skills – Massachusetts program to assist careers changers, re-entering citizens, and other workers develop the skills to get a good job.

Move to Work –  Locally designed housing and self-sufficiency initiatives in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCVP) and federal public housing programs.

WIOA – Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act

CIES – Competitive Integrated Employment Services

DCS – Department of Career Services (Massachusetts)

JobsPlus – A HUD-funded program, working with the North Common Village Residents. The JobsPLUS program combines traditional employment, training and job placement services with a rent incentive and a place-based investment in building “community support for work

P2E– Program that addresses the unique barriers that people in early recovery face when seeking employment. In partnership with Massachusetts Career Centers and Advocates for Human Potential (AHP), ATR developed the P2E Program to help participants become job ready.

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