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Updated:  10/19/2021, 182 jobs.  

Job Title Location Type JobQuest # JobQuest Link
A/P + Administrative Assist Billerica, MA Full-Time 15573251 View Job
Accounting/Finance openings North Andover, MA Full-Time 15426577 View Job
Admin Support Lowell, MA Full-Time 15426514 View Job
Administrative Assist Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 15573195 View Job
After School Program Coordinator Lowell, MA Part-Time 15219242 View Job
Apprentice Optician Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 15260176 View Job
Assembler Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 15388179 View Job
Auto Mechanic North Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 15314026 View Job
Automation and Controls Engineer Billerica, MA Full-Time 15656869 View Job
Automotive Technician Lowell, MA Full-Time 15329358 View Job
Bank Teller Lowell, MA Full-Time 15523463 View Job
Bench Worker North Billerica, MA Full-Time 15014547 View Job
Bilingual Legal Assistant Lowell, MA Full-Time 15581168 View Job
Buyer Tewksbury, MA Full-Time 15539775 View Job
Cabinetmaker- Benchman Lowell, MA Full-Time 15392893 View Job
Café Assistant Lowell, MA Full-Time 15421534 View Job
Cafeteria/Kitchen Workers North Chelmsford, MA Part-Time 15487995 View Job
Career Advisor I Lowell, MA Full-Time 15219133 View Job
Case Manager LOWELL, MA Full-Time 15569000 View Job
Cashier Tewksbury, MA Part-Time 15060531 View Job
CDL- A Driver Lowell, MA Full-Time 15392915 View Job
CDL Driver Lowell, MA Full-Time 15398002 View Job
CDL-B Driver Pelham, NH Full-Time 15351116 View Job
Certified Nursing Assistant Lowell, MA Full-Time 15606399 View Job
Chemical Technician Billerica, MA Full-Time 15215551 View Job
Chromate Line Material Handler Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 15388181 View Job
Class B Truck Driver Lowell, MA Full-Time 15274447 View Job
Clean Room Operator Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 15324899 View Job
Cleaners Lowell, MA Part-Time 15494245 View Job
Cleaners Lowell, MA Part-Time 15520488 View Job
CNC Operator North Billerica, MA Full-Time 15353476 View Job
CNC Setup North Billerica, MA Full-Time 15353475 View Job
Community Health Worker LOWELL, MA Full-Time 15089447 View Job
Community Health Worker Lowell, MA Full-Time 15273987 View Job
Compound Colorist Dracut, MA Full-Time 15619002 View Job
Cook Lowell, MA Full-Time 15275718 View Job
Cooks-Line Cooks Dracut, MA Full-Time 15504333 View Job
Customer Contract Representative Billerica, MA Full-Time 15347976 View Job
Daily Rate Substitute Teacher Lowell, MA Part-Time 15219449 View Job
Billerica, MA Full-Time 15650857 View Job
Die Cast Operator North Billerica, MA Full-Time 15353471 View Job
Die Cast Setup North Billerica, MA Full-Time 15353470 View Job
Diesel Truck/Trailer Mechanic Billerica, MA Full-Time 15568977 View Job
Direct Support Professional Billerica, MA Full-Time 15426356 View Job
Dishwasher Tyngsboro, MA Full-Time 14803795 View Job
Document Control Aide Lowell, MA Full-Time 15493737 View Job
Electrical Engineer Billerica, MA Full-Time 15459811 View Job
Electro Mechanical Assembler Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 15603097 View Job
Electronic Assembler Dracut, MA Full-Time 15436718 View Job
Electronic Tester LOWELL, MA Full-Time 15148928 View Job
Engineering Change Coordinator Billerica, MA Full-Time 15459777 View Job
Engineering Manager Lowell, MA Full-Time 15397801 View Job
Entry Level – Manufacturing Associates Acton, MA Full-Time 15392429 View Job
Entry Level Automotive Technician Lowell, MA Full-Time 15416797 View Job
Entry Level Automotive Technician Nashua, NH Full-Time 15416806 View Job
Environmental Service Worker I Lowell, MA Full-Time 15606403 View Job
Evening Cook/Supervisor Lowell, MA Full-Time 15451035 View Job
Evening Dining Services Assistant Lowell, MA Full-Time 15421511 View Job
Extended Day Program Staff Lowell, MA Full-Time 15219452 View Job
Fabricator/ Welder- Builder North Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 15252292 View Job
Finished Goods Inspector Dracut, MA Full-Time 15436961 View Job
Food Pantry Assistant Lowell, MA Full-Time 15618618 View Job
Foodservice Worker Lowell, MA Full-Time 15275647 View Job
Foreman North Billerica, MA Full-Time 15324657 View Job
FT Closing Specialist Tewksbury, MA Full-Time 15216012 View Job
FT Customer Service Leader – Hudson, NH Hudson, NH Full-Time 15215933 View Job
FT Produce Leader – Hudson, NH Hudson, NH Full-Time 15215948 View Job
General Maintenance Custodian Lowell, MA Full-Time 15273975 View Job
Group Leader/Assistant Group Leader Billerica, MA Part-Time 15347620 View Job
Housing Development Project Manager Lowell, MA Full-Time 15295950 View Job
HVAC Service Tech Tyngsboro, MA Full-Time 15484221 View Job
Inside Sales Coordinator Lowell, MA Full-Time 15215539 View Job
Inventory & Delivery Associate Tewksbury, MA Full-Time 15238670 View Job
Junior Building Custodian Lowell, MA Full-Time 15238730 View Job
Kanban Coordinator Billerica, MA Full-Time 15459771 View Job
Key Account Manager Tewksbury, MA Full-Time 15602936 View Job
Landscaper/ General Laborer Lowell, MA Full-Time 15606012 View Job
Laser Assembly Specialist Level I Billerica, MA Full-Time 15426406 View Job
Lead Finishing Operator North Billerica, MA Full-Time 15353473 View Job
Legal/Administrative Assistant Lowell, MA Full-Time 15576160 View Job
Library Access Services Assistant Lowell, MA Part-Time 15353326 View Job
LIFEGUARD Tyngsboro, MA Part-Time 15532355 View Job
Line Operator Billerica, MA Full-Time 15539627 View Job
Loan Servicing Specialist Tewksbury, MA Full-Time 15215991 View Job
Lowell Fitness Instructor Lowell, MA Full-Time 15361892 View Job
Lube Technician Lowell, MA Full-Time 15388133 View Job
Lube Technician Dracut, MA Full-Time 15581084 View Job
MA State Vehicle Inspector Dracut, MA Full-Time 15581152 View Job
Machine Operator Dracut, MA Full-Time 15436981 View Job
Machine Operator Lowell, MA Full-Time 15569018 View Job
Machine Operator Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 15642078 View Job
Machine Operator/Processor Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 15573220 View Job
Maintainer I – Housekeeper Lowell, MA Full-Time 15252841 View Job
Maintenance Specialist Billerica, MA Full-Time 15656846 View Job
Maintenance/Custodian Worker Billerica, MA Full-Time 15523838 View Job
Maintenance/HVAC Technician Billerica, MA Full-Time 15532447 View Job
Manufacturing Engineer II Billerica, MA Full-Time 15459796 View Job
Manufacturing Inspector II LOWELL, MA Full-Time 15148917 View Job
Manufacturing Operator Billerica, MA Full-Time 15497748 View Job
Manufacturing Operators Billerica, MA Full-Time 15388856 View Job
Manufacturing Supervisor (2nd Shift) Dracut, MA Full-Time 15397906 View Job
Manufacturing Tech II LOWELL, MA Full-Time 15148884 View Job
Manufacturing Techs Billerica, MA Full-Time 15469292 View Job
Manufacturing Test Technician II Billerica, MA Full-Time 15523582 View Job
Material Handler Tyngsboro, MA Full-Time 15309553 View Job
Material Handler Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 15388188 View Job
Material Handler Billerica, MA Full-Time 15523565 View Job
Material-Planner Buyer Lowell, MA Full-Time 15219673 View Job
Materials Planner Lowell, MA Full-Time 15539699 View Job
Mechanical Assembler Dracut, MA Full-Time 15274057 View Job
Mechanical Designer Billerica, MA Full-Time 15459789 View Job
Medical Assistant Chelmsford, MA Part-Time 15576216 View Job
Medical Assistant Lowell, MA Full-Time 15587669 View Job
Medical Assistant Lowell, MA Full-Time 15587671 View Job
Middle School Special Education Teacherr Lowell, MA Full-Time 15437023 View Job
Morning Cook Lowell, MA Full-Time 15451003 View Job
National Account Manager Tewksbury, MA Full-Time 15275711 View Job
NPD Procurement Sourcing Specialist Billerica, MA Full-Time 15459780 View Job
Optical Coating Technician Billerica, MA Full-Time 15426408 View Job
Order Entry Specialist Lowell, MA Full-Time 15487923 View Job
Packer/Shipping Specialist Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 15603046 View Job
Paralegal Tewksbury, MA Full-Time 15602933 View Job
Paraprofessional / Classroom Aide Billerica, MA Full-Time 15426363 View Job
PER DIEM CLINICAL SUPPORT Tyngsboro, MA Part-Time 15532294 View Job
Personal Care Attendant-Tyngsboro Tyngsboro, MA Part-Time 15403566 View Job
Pharmacy Tech Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 15581056 View Job
Pharmacy Technician Lowell, MA Full-Time 15581047 View Job
Plant Manager Lowell, MA Full-Time 15569036 View Job
Plumber helper Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 15581052 View Job
Preload Associate Tewksbury, MA Full-Time 15238667 View Job
Prep Cook Lowell, MA Full-Time 15451061 View Job
Preschool Teacher Lowell, MA Full-Time 15239165 View Job
Principal Scientist Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 15388794 View Job
Process Writer Lowell, MA Full-Time 15392935 View Job
Professional Class A CDL Team Driver Billerica, MA Full-Time 14993824 View Job
Program Admin Physical Therapy Kinesiol Lowell, MA Part-Time 15364447 View Job
Program Director Lowell, MA Full-Time 15275960 View Job
Project Manager – Geotechnical Lowell, MA Part-Time 15497752 View Job
PT Entry Level Automotive Technician Lowell, MA Part-Time 15416801 View Job
PT Entry Level Automotive Technician Nashua, NH Part-Time 15416810 View Job
PT Welding Retail Store Assistant North Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 15573261 View Job
Purchasing & AP Specialist Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 15329313 View Job
Purchasing Administrator LOWELL, MA Full-Time 15568993 View Job
Quality Systems Administrator Dracut, MA Full-Time 15618976 View Job
Quality Technician Lowell, MA Full-Time 15324979 View Job
REACH LoWELL Community Health Worker LOWELL, MA Full-Time 15089362 View Job
Receptionist North Billerica, MA Part-Time 15605912 View Job
Recovery Specialist Lowell, MA Full-Time 15273982 View Job
Residential Support Staff Lowell, MA Full-Time 15605823 View Job
Retail Banking Associate Tewksbury, MA Full-Time 15216001 View Job
Sales Planning Analyst Tewksbury, MA Full-Time 15275707 View Job
Sales Planning Analyst – Sales Finance Tewksbury, MA Full-Time 15602938 View Job
Sanitation Worker Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 15573222 View Job
SAP Business Analyst Billerica, MA Full-Time 15459785 View Job
SCHOOL ADJUSTMENT COUNSELOR Tyngsboro, MA Full-Time 15532315 View Job
SCHOOL NURSE Tyngsboro, MA Full-Time 15524228 View Job
SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST Tyngsboro, MA Full-Time 15532348 View Job
Secretary Tyngsboro, MA Full-Time 15523961 View Job
Server/Bartender Lowell, MA Full-Time 15348077 View Job
Service Manager- Truck Equipment North Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 15252287 View Job
Shipper/ Order Specialist Dracut, MA Full-Time 15274033 View Job
Silkscreener Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 15388161 View Job
Special Education Teacher; Severe Licensese Billerica, MA Full-Time 15426358 View Job
Speech Language Pathologist Billerica, MA Full-Time 15426361 View Job
Sr Manufacturing Engineer/ Mechanical Waltham, MA Full-Time 15290724 View Job
Sr.Principal Scientist Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 15329170 View Job
Staff Engineer – Geotechnical Lowell, MA Full-Time 15497755 View Job
Substitute Teacher Tyngsboro, MA Part-Time 15532326 View Job
Teachers Aide Lowell, MA Full-Time 15295962 View Job
Technical Writer Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 15573204 View Job
Tire Technician Dracut, MA Full-Time 15504477 View Job
Tobacco Enforcement Lowell, MA Part-Time 15487939 View Job
Transformational Coach Chelmsford, MA Part-Time 15602934 View Job
Truck Driver/ Laborer North Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 15459809 View Job
Truck Equipment Mechanic North Chelmsford, MA Full-Time 15252282 View Job
Van Driver- Split Shift Chelmsford, MA Part-Time 15459654 View Job
Warehouse Assistant – Driver Lowell, MA Full-Time 15651102 View Job
Warehouse Order Selector Tewksbury, MA Full-Time 14909069 View Job
Warehouse Worker Billerica, MA Full-Time 15573208 View Job
Waste Treatment Manager Lowell, MA Full-Time 15646954 View Job View Job
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