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Heather, the Young Adult Career Center Manager, strongly believes that the young people of Greater Lowell are the future of the workforce. With that vision she leads the team at the center with a focus on youth-centered design, hands-on work training and soft skills work readiness. Heather was born and raised in Lowell, completing all her schooling including college at UMASS Lowell in the public school system. She sits on multiple committees within the city including the Lowell Youth Development Collaborative, Mill City Prevention Network, Greater Lowell Substance Use and Abuse Prevention Committee and the Greater Lowell Youth Council.

Heather was recently recognized as one of the 2020-2021 Distinguished Young Professionals and strives to bring that energy into her work every day. She uses personal barriers that she has overcome to connect to young people and show them that past tragedy does not dictate your future.

In her free time, Heather is an entrepreneur, going on year three of her own business. She also spends many long mornings inside of a hockey rink watching her son play junior-level hockey and many long afternoons on the soccer field cheering on her daughter.


Victoria, who has spent four summers at the Career Center -managing youth summer employment, recently graduated earning her Bachelor of Science (B.S) degree and is excited to join the MassHire family full-time.

In her Career Advisor role, she works closely with young adults who are striving to earn their High School equivalency certificate. Her main objective is to encourage them to reach their goal and provide support along the way. Victoria enjoys seeing these young adults prosper and grow. She strives to create a welcoming and supportive environment for all students.


Cassidy started working at the Career Center as a summer counselor for the van crew in 2019 and made the move to year-round in 2021 as a young adult counselor. She provides young adults assistance on job searching and resume building, along with signal success workshops. During the summers she is still one of our summer counselors for our van crew, where she takes pride in teaching our young adults work ethics. The van crew goes around Lowell and cleans up parks and public areas, whether it be trash or light landscaping – with some amazing transformations. She really enjoys making a positive impact on the young adults lives that she works with.

Aside from the Career Center, Cassidy also works part time in the Lowell community at The MillYou – CTI Youth Services as a LAB Facilitator, working with at-risk and/or homeless youth. Giving back to the community is something she is very passionate about, especially the youth here in Lowell. She just recently graduated Middlesex Community College and will be transferring to UMass Lowell in the Fall of 22’ for Criminal Justice. She hopes to continue to work with at-risk youth in the future and continue to make a difference in their lives.


Brandon joined the Young Adult Career Center team in February 2023 as the Supervisor/Senior Advisor. After 9 years with the Department of Public Works and graduating with a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary communications from Fitchburg State University he saw an opportunity to join a team making a real difference in the lives of inner-city youth. Brandon was born and raised in Lowell, MA where he still resides. He strongly believes in helping others build and write their own success stories, as he is doing now. Helping others in the community, especially the young adults coming into careers, is something he takes great pride in.

Outside of MassHire, Brandon has a full house which includes his wife and 3 children, a son and two daughters. Avid animal lovers, the family also has two dogs, two cats plus a number of wild yard dwellers.


Ashley joined the MassHire Lowell Young Adult Career Center in November of 2022. Her current role at the center is as a Young Adult Career Advisor who helps young adults find jobs, work on their resumes, enroll in subsidized work programs and assist them in finding overall success. Ashley graduated in 2021 with her bachelor’s in Criminal Justice at Salem State University with a minor in psychology. She always had a passion for helping people and going above and beyond to make sure young people have a path and can see how to reach their goals.

Ashley works closely with at risk young adults that want to get started in the workforce. Ashley strives to make sure young people visiting the career center are happy, and that they feel like they are in a supportive and safe environment. It is truly a rewarding experience to watch young adults succeed because she makes an impact on them every day.


Janessa joined the Young Adult Career Center in June 2023 as the Administrative Assistant. Janessa has spent most of her life dedicated to supporting at-risk youth in positions with the YWCA of Lowell as well as the Boys and Girls club of Greater Lowell and Lowell Public Schools. Janessa has also spent time supporting adults with substance use or co-occurring disorders within the Lowell community. After 2 years of employment with Lowell Public Schools as the infamous Ms. B, Janessa saw the opportunity to join a team where she could bring to the table her experience and ability to connect with young adults, in a setting where she is exposed to youth through all walks of life. As a young adult, Janessa adopted the idea that every child needs at least one person to show genuine belief in them in order to spark belief in themselves in a time in their lives where society tries to dictate who they are or who they can be. Janessa wants to be a positive role model in the lives of our youth because she was privileged enough to have a positive mentor in her life as she was growing up.

On a personal level, Janessa spends most of her time being a mother to her two amazingly energized twins, a son and daughter. She is also a very active member of her church community where she inspires others through liturgical dance. When she’s not at church or watching her kids follow their dreams, you can find her trying to be a powerlifter, doing karaoke, dancing in the rain, or working on her side Makeup Business! A quote Janessa lives by daily from one of her favorite childhood movies, A Cinderella Story, is “Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”


Yenissa is a Lowell native who graduated from Lowell High School. Having gone through the MassHire career training services herself when she was younger, Yenissa became a nursing aide and acquired her first nursing job through the Career Center. Since then, she has worked in various human service-related jobs including at-risk youth centers, working with adults with disabilities, and most recently managing a sober home for young men. Yenissa is a single mother who has vocalized how much the Career Center helped her make her who she is now, and is now proudly working as part of the Young Adult Career Center team to help other people who may be in the same shoes as she once was.


Nicole joined the Young Adult Career Center in February 2024 as the DYS Career Advisor. Previously, she worked as a mentor to First-Generation, First-Year college students. She was inspired by their work and enjoyed meeting and helping the students. It was this similar mission that drew her to the Young Adult Career Center. After meeting young people from all walks of life, she has learned that often what young adults need to be successful is for someone to tell them that what they are trying to attain is possible.

She enjoys anything creative, whether it is for the benefit of others or her personal entertainment. Working with groups of students in need of connection during the quarantine was the perfect challenge for her and allowed her to experiment with a multitude of methods to connect people. Methods that ranged from fun games to open discussions and respectful debates.

Having studied creative writing in college, she spends much of her time furthering her knowledge of communication. She is also working towards learning new languages to achieve her goal of becoming a polyglot. Nicole loves to learn new things and will happily be a student for the rest of her life; she is also incredibly excited to pass on her knowledge to anyone that might need or want it.


Paul joined the Young Adult Career Center in March 2024 as a Career Advisor. He’s worked in a variety of roles, all focused on connecting people to resources and opportunities. After graduating from Elmira College with a degree in English Literature, he served for two years as an AmeriCorps member. He then had roles in fundraising operations, recruitment, and equitable hiring before becoming part of the team at MassHire.

Paul is passionate about curiosity and thoughtful storytelling, and how we use them both to shape our career journeys. He’s excited to support young adults in developing their skills – especially in communication and personal reflection – while they build a foundation to succeed in whatever career they pursue. Originally from Delaware, Paul now lives in Lowell with his wife, dog and cat. In his free time, he enjoys writing essays about pop culture and finding ways to build community.


Natalie joined the MassHire Lowell Young Adult Career Center in March of 2024 as a Career Advisor. She brings a wealth of experience and a passion for helping young adults navigate their career paths. Natalie graduated from Framingham State University in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Diversity Studies. Her academic background has equipped her with a deep understanding of social dynamics and the importance of inclusivity. Natalie’s interest in human services began at a young age. However, it was during her internship with Horizons for Homeless Children that she felt a profound motivation to make a difference. Witnessing the resilience and strength of homeless individuals inspired her commitment to supporting others on their journeys. 

As a Direct Care Counselor, Natalie worked closely with at-risk youth in a group home setting in Lowell. She also worked as a Mental Health Counselor on the adolescent unit of an inpatient hospital. In both roles she was dedicated to helping young individuals overcome many challenges and obtain life skills.

Natalie is a strong advocate for holistic well-being. In her free time, she practices yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to maintain her own balance and believes in the power of these practices to enhance mental health. Her compassion for making a positive impact in other people’s lives drives her work. She genuinely cares about helping individuals find fulfilling career paths and achieve their goals. 


Cano, a passionate career advisor, recently joined the MassHire Lowell Young Adult Career Center with a mission to empower young adults on their professional journeys. His roots trace back to Lawrence, Massachusetts, where he grew up in a vibrant and diverse community. This upbringing instilled in him a deep appreciation for cultural richness and the value of inclusivity. His career path has led him to working with non-profits and charity-based organizations in Lawrence, Lowell, and Haverhill, engaging with young adults and the homeless demographic, advocating for those often overlooked.  As a mentor, he has guided individuals toward brighter futures, emphasizing resilience, hope, and personal growth. His experiences have fueled his desire to create positive change and uplift those facing adversity.

Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services, Cano combines academic knowledge with real-world insights. Fluent in both English and Spanish, he bridges communication gaps and ensures that everyone’s voice is heard. Relatability is one of his superpowers. The ability to empathize with young adults allows him to build trust and provide tailored guidance. Whether it’s resume writing, interview preparation, or career exploration, his approach is genuine and supportive.

Devoting time to expanding his knowledge base, Cano continues to stay informed about industry trends, and seeking fresh perspectives. He believes that by sharing this knowledge, he can empower others to flourish. Each day, he strives to be a better version of himself, and his dedication to uplifting others makes him an invaluable asset to the MassHire Lowell Young Adults Career Center. Cano is ready to make a difference—one opportunity, one conversation, and one success story at a time.

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