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The MassHire Lowell Career Center offers dozens of live job search webinars each month. These webinars should be your first resource when job searching.  The live format allows you to hear up-to-date information and to interact with our staff members. Live webinars are our best job search resource.

However, your schedule may not fit ours.  In the case that you cannot join us for a live webinar, we are offering to our members some select on-demand webinars to view at your convenience.  Please click the subject matter you are interested in, fill out the form, and watch the webinar.

Click the titles below for a description of the webinar and click “Watch this Webinar” to view the event any time you wish.


(13 minutes)

This short webinar will demonstrate the first steps in conducting labor market research. Labor Market Research is defined as understanding your standing in the labor market. Are your skills in demand? What are the prospects for your occupation and industry? Are you selling yourself to employers based on their needs, not yours? After an overview of the subject, we will demonstrate some of the most commonly used labor market web sites.

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(8 minutes)

To get prepared for a job fair, there are certain things that you should take into account whether it is in person or virtual. In this presentation of the Webinar On Demand Series, you will be given specific tips to use to make sure that your job fair experience goes as smoothly as possible.

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(57 Minutes)

Have you wondered, “What’s in the mind of a recruiter” when applying for a job? Well, you can have this question answered when Caitlin Outen and I talk about her time as a recruiter at Amazon.

We’ll talk about the steps she goes through to fill a position. What skills and attitudes she looks for in candidates. Some of the hardball questions she uses in interviews. And much more.

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(1 Hour)

Learn how to do the job search right from a former customer of MassHire Lowell Career Center. Gerald Schmidt used networking as his primary method of doing the job search. To some, networking is intimidating. But when you listen to Jerry talk about the most successful way to look for work, it will make sense and might change your way of looking for work.

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(1 Hour)

If you’ve been sending your resume to companies and getting rejection after rejection, it’s probably because the applicant tracking system (ATS) is foiling your efforts. You know, the software that reads your resume to determine if it contains the proper keywords for a particular position and if it doesn’t it will not be seen by human eyes. If this information is new to you, or even if you’ve heard about the ATS, you still might not have your facts straight.


(2o minutes)

Being disconnected from employment does not feel good. In this presentation, we discuss employment disconnection. While everyone may experience it differently, being separated from employment is challenging, and can be both traumatic and emotional. This recorded presentation is a snippet of our full webinar, entitled “Coping with Job Loss”.

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(26 minutes)

One of the great questions of our time is whether to use a Chronological or Functional format for a résumé.   It is a question that has been debated for centuries by professional résumé writers.   Most job seekers are even unaware of these formatting options. This short webinar will demonstrate the difference between the two formats and why a job seeker might use one format over another.  Remember to use your membership ID when registering. It’s going to be fantastic.

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(10 minutes)

The webinar demonstrates how to format the Contact Information sections on your résumé. It may be the easiest section of the résumé but a mistake here could be fatal for your job search.

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(1o minutes)

This webinar demonstrates how to properly write and format a summary statement and skills list at the top of your résumé. h.

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(10 minutes)

This webinar demonstrates how to properly enter your education and training on a résumé and how to avoid some common mistakes.

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