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A vocational assessment based on personality type that allows customers to discover their work preferences, strengths and weaknesses. An excellent tool for making a training decision because customers learn the types of jobs for which they are best suited. Additionally it is beneficial in the interview process as it helps customers sell themselves more effectively using phrases listed in their personality profile. Must register with a Job Specialist or Career Advisor.

Topics to be covered include:

  • History and Theory of MBTI
  • Current Applications
  • Some Facts
  • The Personality Factors
  • Frequent Career Choices
  • Personality Types and Jobs
  • Using Personality Types in the Career Search
  • Results of Assessment

This workshop requires that you fill out a form 4-6 business days before attending. This form can be obtained from a Career Advisor. You must register with a Job Specialist or Career Advisor for this workshop.

Workshop Details

Length: 2 hours

Prerequisite: Must fill out assessment form and submit it to Career Center staff prior to the workshop. Registration is only available in the Resource Room.

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