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Your résumé is the first contact with an employer, so it has to be powerful enough to land you an interview. Learn the theory behind writing an effective résumé.

This workshop instructs you on how to write a résumé. Most job seekers make multiple mistakes in content and formatting.  This workshop tries help you  avoid the big mistake and develop a résumé to best market your skills and talents.

We encourage customers to take this workshop prior to taking Advance Résumé Writing workshop so you can get a better understanding of the fundamentals of résumé writing.

Topics include:

  • The proper format to use
  • How to write a Summary Statement that introduces your skills
  • Accomplishment statements that promote your skills
  • The importance of targeting your résumés for each job. (A one fits-all approach will not work.)

Workshop Details

Length: 2 hours

Are you writing your first résumé?  Download our Résumé Information Sheet below to help you organize your information prior to starting a résumé.

Download Resume Information Sheet

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