Hands-On Plumbing Training Opportunity

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Plumbing Training Opportunity

If you would like to speak to a staff member about this opportunity, please complete this form or call Amy at 978-805-4708.

Plumbing: March 8 – May 14, 2021 (200-hrs *no class week of April 19-23)

  • M-TH 4-8pm (onsite); Fri 4-8 pm (virtual) = 20 hrs./week
  • 200-hour program is “project-based”, incorporates OSHA-10 Construction Safety training, tool/equipment specific safety training, and plumbing code/theory associated with Tier-1 (110-hrs) **taught by Master Plumbers

Project-based skills taught & tools used include:

  • Variety of pipe connecting tools and threading machines
  • Wirsbo pex (using plastic memory rings and expander tool)
  • Watts pex (using cinch rings)
  • Tracpipe (bendable corrugated stainless steel tubing – ccst)
  • CPVC glued fittings
  • Soldering
  • Shark bite connection & more

Participants will be connected with prospective residential & commercial plumbing companies, as well as Plumbing union (Local 12), for employment opportunities as apprentice plumbers.

Participants who attend continuously and complete the program will be eligible to receive industry credentials: (1) Tier-1 Plumbing paperwork = 110 hours; (2) OSHA-10 Construction Safety card; and an (3) NCTI Certificate documenting completion

Dress Code/equipment required (out-of-pocket costs):

  • Work Boots (Walmart – approx. $40)
  • Face Masks (reusable w/filter or medical/single use)
  • Stanley Fatmax 25’ tape measure: supplied by Nashoba Tech
  • Safety Glasses: supplied by Nashoba Tech