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Below are examples of résumés that can be used as a model to create a new document for your job search.  Click on the name of the résumé to view it. The résumé examples include multiple occupations, differing formats (chronological, functional, and hybrid), and various styling choices.  Please review multiple examples, as more than one resume may assist you.  Look for good wording, how skills and accomplishments are emphasized, and strategies for emphasizing or de-emphasizing aspects in a job seeker’s work history.


One page, chronological résumé. Excellent work history section with topics areas of accomplishments are highlighted.

Administrative / Executive Assistant

Chronological résumé.  Multiple jobs at one company. Summary statement in list form.

Customer Service Manager

Dense chronological résumé. Multiple jobs at one company

Manufacturing Operations Executive

Two page chronological resume. Exceptional formatting, adds a Career Highlights section, well done work history

Media & Public Relations

Solid one-age résumé. Grouped skill list. Good formatting on work history.

Nursing Education Professional

Raised “Education & Credential” section, Work history as a list.

Production Manager

Simple document highlighting good work history. Two branding statements in header.

Financial Manager

One page executive resume. The summary is by topic area. Reduced work history to a minimum to get to one page.  

Customer Service Specialist

Functional résumé, qualification and skills up front and job history dropped to the bottom of the document.

Food Service Manager

Simple résumé, no summary statement, focuses on skills and qualifications. Multiple jobs at one company listed together.

Industrial Engineer (Student)

An example of a student’s resume. Focuses on related education or training.

Senior Network Engineer

A technical résumé but retains branding.  Technical skills do not overwhelm individuals career narrative.

Logistics, Warehousing, Manufacturing

Minimalist resume, easy to scan, plenty of white space.

Public Relations / Event Planning

Excellent top of resume. Numerous skills and key words. Education and professional developed centered at bottom of page.

Assistant Buyer

We feel that this is a strong one-page resume. It’s understandable that the candidate goes with a one-pager given that her previous experience was similar to her most recent experience.

On-Demand Videos

The videos below will step you through the sections of a résumé.

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